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E. Calloway Management understands the importance of artist exposure and fan development.  It is 

essential in establishing longevity in the entertainment industry.  We assist each artist in providing 

performance opportunities directly to their target audience.   Our goal is to get the artist the 

performance rate they rightfully deserve.  We also understand the need for certain pro bono 

opportunities and will seek these out on a quarterly basis.  The booking process is very tedious and takes 

a high level of commitment between ECM and our clients.  This service is dedicated exclusively to 

contracted artists under the ECM rooster.  


Our artist booking services consists of: % + retainer (depending on level of artist career) 


- Acts as artist liaison 

- Handles contract negotiations

- Seeking performance opportunities that build artist career 

- Determine target audience through comprehensive evaluation 

- Industry standard Press Kit development (minimum of 15 hrs)



What’s a great show if no one knows about it?  ECM takes pride in promoting each 

event we partner with within our own audience as well as the artists developed fanbase.  We also seek 

other online promotional outlets such as blogs, media sites and magazines.  This service is provided on 

an individual event basis as well as to our ECM clientele.  

- Weekly social media posts 

- Weekly email marketing 

- Online Media calendar updates 

- Targeted group posts



Content is one of the biggest pieces of helping an artist get performance 

opportunities.  So what is artist content really consist of?  From videos, live performance footage, 

interviews, visual engagement, and much more, this is all a necessary part of every artist package.  We 

work hand in hand with the artists marketing team (if you don’t have one don’t worry, we’ve got you 

covered) to strategically build an online presence that provides a clear depiction of who the artist is, 

what they do, and who they want to reach.  This service is provided on an individual basis as well as our 

ECM clientele.  

- Extensive content evaluation

- SEO development for artist brand 

- Content re-branding/up-branding development 

- Creation of content release calendar



ECM has the pleasure of working with cities, festivals and other public events to 

provide talent for their performance stages.  We filter our clients as well as bands that we support 

through these opportunities.  We are consistently building our artist database with talented artists from 

jazz, blues and soul to funk, pop and R&B.  We cover a wide range of musical styles and will be able to 

provide the highest quality of music for any event.  If you are seeking talent for your next event, we’ve 

got you completely covered.

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